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April Eye started online in 2021. We believe that everyone is unique and has unique beauty. We hope that every unique beauty has its own way of expression, so we founded brand Aprileye, which means that you are the tender month of April.April in the northern hemisphere, with spring scattered all over the earth, flowers in full bloom, warm and powerful, bright but not dazzling, confident and charming.JUST LIKE YOU, A BEAUTIFUL EXISTENCE.
SAFETY IS OUR HIGHEST MISSION.Our team has integrated world-famous contact lens production experts, world-class safety experts, world-class fashion designers and fashion collocations. Although our colored contacts are designed for beauty, your safety is what we put at the forefront of our minds.Our team carefully assesses every product we stock, ensuring they're soft on the eyes and safe to use daily. Every product from our ranges is approved by the FDA and CE.

We are committed to becoming one of the safest,most expressive, most diverse and unique color contact lenses in the world.We have nature, parties, role-playing, Halloween and many other classic series.

We are committed to providing inclusive contact lens products so that everyone can have the opportunity to expressbeauty. Due to the business model of "own factory, ownbrand", we are proud of being friendly to walletand high quality.You are beautiful. We just help you to find it. Take action now and buy your favorite contact lenses from Aprileye.